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Quotes I am the proud owner of the "T-Rex" a bad boy rough use design that Paul and I worked on together. When I got it I was blown away by the superior craftsmanship & attention to detail. He makes sure that not only you are satisfied , but that he is satisfied knowing he has produced an ABOVE average product. I use my blade harder than most people, and the "T-REX" takes it & wants more! From chopping, batoning, knife hunting, (and some other things that almost gave Paul an ulcer!) I am just glad to know a knifemaker that makes beautys, but is more concered about there PERFORMANCE! And he is not afraid to say he wants you to "Really Use" your blades. Since then, Paul has made my wife a knife, almost through with my large chopper (G-Zilla), making 4 for my oldest sons, & making another for my wife. I will turn to my friend for all my blades, cause they have proven themself to be Seriously Tough!!!! Oh yeah, he is also a great dude also! GOD Bless Chuck Carney (aka.CarneyC) Quotes
Chuck Carney
Your friend!!!!

Quotes I currently own two Paul Moore knives and I have 2 more on order. I have been an avid knife collector and have had several custom made knives in the past. Mr. Moore is a very skilled craftsman and he makes all of his knives with care and dedication to the customer unlike many of the custom knife makers working today. He makes the design process very hands on work between himself and the customer. My items are very specific in design and Mr. Moore took the time to go over my needs, the intended use of the knives, fitting them to my hand's size, and the materials that where available. I would and plan to order with Paul Moore Knives for all my custom needs. In fact I have been using my every day knife on the job and during out door recreation all summer long and it hasn't required any sharpening. Thanks again Paul for the wonderful work. Quotes
Slade N. Illinois
Very Happy Customer

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  • " Paul took on a project of mine, that many knifemakers over the years had failed to complete/refused to do, He took a design in my head, and made it a perfect functioning realit..."
    Goblin X
    customer /friend
  • "Initially ordered 6/26 figuring I had plenty of time to get my knife by Christmas. Inquired again 11/27 to be told 'It'll be in the next batch'. Heard nothing until 2/15. Kni..."
    Expect to wait much longer than advertised, no communication