P Moore Knives

Handmade knives by P Moore


First off, You guys are the best. You are going out and telling your friends and anyone who will listen about your P Moore knives. Orders are comming in every day it seems like. If You have an order in, please be patient, I promise I will get them to you as soon as I can. Two things I have struggled with, but will not do, is have someone else sub part of the work, or put my name on a knife that I thought was rushed through.

If you do have a problem, just contact me. I will make it right. You have my word.


I have had several people ask about pricing on my site.


General rule. I charge $20 per total length. So a 9" knife is $180 and so own.  Most knives come with options at no charge, but If you need something special, contact me.


This price includes sheath, as well as shipping within the U.S.A.


Thanks again guys...and gals



About Me

I enjoy anything that gets me outdoors.

I began making knives about 11 years ago. I started making them on the back porch of my home, with just a few simple tools. I have added to my tool list over the years, and I hope my skill level has improved as well. I only make knives from high carbon steel and O1 tool steel. I will explain the reason for this later.

I am not a full time maker, this is just a hobby I have enjoyed doing.

I make what some call a "hard use" knife. I do not want my knives to collect dust on on a shelf, or under glass somewhere. I feel my knives are tuff enough to get you there, and and get you back out.

All of my knives are made by me. My design or yours. I do every step of the process "in house". Design, shaping, heat treating, and sheath making. Some call it "sole authorship".