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Quotes Paul took on a project of mine, that many knifemakers over the years had failed to complete/refused to do, He took a design in my head, and made it a perfect functioning reality. Fit,Finish,balance and cutting ability are truly Un-surpassed on this Large blade, 10"edge,10.5 blade ,17" overall, from tip to skullcrusher, The blade is Fast and light in my hand. Balance is superb. Currently working on a design/drawing for a folder, looking forward to putting that into motion. thank you my friend. Quotes
Goblin X
customer /friend

Quotes Initially ordered 6/26 figuring I had plenty of time to get my knife by Christmas. Inquired again 11/27 to be told 'It'll be in the next batch'. Heard nothing until 2/15. Knife is nice, service atrocious. Quotes
Expect to wait much longer than advertised, no communication

Quotes I am the proud owner of the "Duty II" knife by Paul. The knife is currently in its seventh month of a 12 month tour in Afghanistan and it has served me faithfully. This knife is the envy of all who see it. My crowd is very knife heavy but when surrounded by factory knives, even ones from big names like Gerber and K-Bar, the custom work by this very skilled artist shines above all the rest. I could not have asked for more in a knife and I hope to add another PMoore to my collection in the future. -PFelix Quotes
Happy Owner

Quotes I currently received a T-Rex from Paul, I couldn't be more pleased! I have many knives, None match or even compete with the craftsmanship of this knife. If for some reason a person could only own one knife this would be it. Paul is the nicest guy to work with, not to mention with a very timely delivery. A rugged, beautiful piece for a fair price. Hopefully he will be able to make me another soon. Quotes
Wayne Westendorf

Quotes Paul is a customer of mind on the steel industry side and i sell to him. i was talking to paul one day and he said he was going to meet some of his buddys and they were going on a rafting/camping trip and he needed some bambo and i told him and had some 3 to 4 inches dia. behind my house and i told him to stop by and cut down some,so i got a call a few a days later he said he was coming to cut the bambo and he was going to bring a knife he made for a friend of his. so he show up with the knife that he had made, if i am not mistaken it was the G-Zilla, and he cutting the 3 to4 inch like it was butter, and that when i ask him if he would make me a deer hunting knike, and i got that knife thanksgiving weekend it was a AWESOME looking knife and did a great job of cleaning the deer. and the best thing is, its one of a kind. Thanks Paul for the knife, Wallace Hollywood Richardson Quotes
Friend and Customer

Quotes A few month's ago, Paul made a custom blade for me and I could not be happier with the result. All through the process, Paul worked with me, suggesting improvements and guiding me where I had no knowledge to base my needs on. The result was a superb all round knife that exactly fills my needs and expectations. I cannot recommend Paul, and his work, highly enough. As one other comment said - the knife Paul made will be in my family for years to come !! R Quotes

Quotes Today I Got in the Mail a Box ? My Wife Smiled and I too, A big Smile on my Face has I opened it. Inside a sight of Beauty was There. A Work Of art,and a True Honor To Carry A P aul Moore Knife I will Cherish this Knife for Life. The Handle feels Great In hand Like it was Made for My Hand, True Craftsmenship In His Work!! Thank you Brother Paul Thank you Quotes
My New P Moore Necker

Quotes I am the proud owner of a piece of Paul's work. It is by far the best knife I own. I have yet to come across a task it wasn't up for. I am proud to own a piece of Paul's work and look forward to it being an heirloom of my family for generations to come. Thank you Paul for such a wonderful blade. Quotes
Jes Israel
Proud Owner

Quotes This past summer Paul made a custom blade for me called the HOSS BOSS. The craftsmanship of this blade is second to none. Paul is not only a knife maker but an artist in metallurgy. God Bless Paul. Jeff Martin (aka.Freedom57) Very Satisfied Customer Quotes

Quotes I am the proud owner of the " Kitchen Special ". Paul was patient with me, guided me along, and made what I had in my thoughts, come to life with little effort. The knife itself, grind, handle, feel, sheath has exceeded all my expectations and is more then I hoped for. Just "buy" a Moore knife it will be the "best" knife investment you'll ever make over any manufactured knife. Quotes
Very Satisfied Customer